November is Diabetes Awareness Month and the color blue is the color associated with Diabetes. We thought that coloring our hair with streaks of blue would be a fun way to recognize the month. And then, we thought “hey, wouldn’t it be great if we could just see a sea of blue streaks in folks’ hair.” Luckily, we have some very good friends that own Slate Salon (in Edmonds, Washington) and they are willing to give away these blue streaks to anyone who wants them in the month of November.

This is the third year for the BlueStreakChallenge and thousands of folks have participated from all over the world and shared their photos and stories!


  • Raise awareness of T1D / Diabetes
    • A blue streak of hair is a natural conversation starter
    • Like the Ice Bucket Challenge, push others to raise awareness
    • Raise funds for ConnecT1D and JDRF
      • Slate Salon is going to give away blue extensions / color people’s hair for free
      • Value of this ranges from $35 – $55 and people can optionally donate if they would like to
    • Show support and normalize diabetes for those with it
      • You can’t tell a person is diabetic by looking at them but a blue streak of hair is pretty obvious
      • Makes folks feel like they have a community and support
      • Allows people to connect with one another that otherwise wouldn’t know of their commonalities

Streak Your HairWHAT YOU CAN DO

  • Promote it on Facebook, Twitter, your websites, and email blasts
  • Reach out to other organizations and let them know
  • Get a blue streak yourself, take a pic, post it on Twitter and Facebook (tag it #BlueStreakChallenge) and challenge others