1. Add a blue streak to you hair (dyed or with an extension)
  2. Upload your picture →
  3. Share it out with the hastag #BlueStreakChallenge*
  4. Challenge your friends!

*You can also download the #BlueStreakChallenge sign.

Take the Blue Streak Challenge to show your support for National Diabetes Awareness Month and help better treat, prevent, and eventually cure diabetes.

Lucky Seattlites take note…

Take the Blue Streak Challenge at Slate Salon + Spa in Edmonds, WA

If you live in the Seattle area, you can book an appointment at Slate Salon and Spa in Edmonds, WA – they will add your blue streak free of charge!


Lucky Bellevue, WA residents


If you live in near Bellevue, WA, you can book an appointment at Salon Cerchio in Bellevue, WA – they will add your blue streak free of charge!

Want to offer blue streaks at your salon?

If you own a salon and want to offer blue streaks in your city or town, just make a note in the comments below.

Want to do it home? You have options!

We haven’t done it but people have been recommending Manic Panic and it looks like they have lots of color options for you! And they answer some FAQs for you.

There are also many clip-in streaks available. You can purchase them at beauty stores like Ulta, and here are a couple of options from Amazon:

Want to make a re-usable sign like this one?

Here’s some info and tips about how to make them yourself! For the sign itself I just used foamcore or cardboard. Mine are about 1ft by 2ft. It’s kind of a pain to cut foam core cut it’s possible! To paint the sign background I used sponge brushes and acrylic paints. For the lettering I used various colors of Tulip Puffy Paint. And for the whiteboard section I used whiteboard sticker paper purchased off of Amazon. Don’t forget to buy some dry erase markers so that people can fill out who they streak for! Below are some links for the supplies.

Acrylic paint (purchased at Target or craft store):

Tulip Puffy Paint (purchased online or at a craft store):

Whiteboard Stickers:

Or how about an easy / low fuss sign like this one?

You can download it from here.

We look forward to seeing your photos!